Monday, February 14, 2011

Tour Project

Next cycling tour is currently in the making.
If all goes well, wife & I will go for another European loop formula through pedal-friendly countries. Considering Germany and Denmark in first place, a study of the cycling paths network helps developing an interesting clockwise itinerary along rivers and the Baltic Sea coast. Preview:
- 19 stages, 1600+ Km
- Mainly riding on cycling paths
- Nature and cities to visit
- Ferries
- Train section to complete the loop (due to time constraints)

Setting the Naturpark Dübener Heide as the starting point seems a good place to leave our car after paying a visit to Leipzig. We would then start moving wheels along the Mulde river and the Elbe up to Lauenburg, then Hansestadt Lübeck to reach the Baltic. Ferry to Denmark, bridge to Sweden and another ferry back to Germany. Some more coastal riding and a peek into Poland on the way down to Berlin. Train to Dresden and final ride back to the start point.
This preliminary map shows the proposed stages (red dots for estimated overnight stops), ferries (black lines) and trains (green lines). Longest stage about 125 Km. Resting days in Lübeck, Copenhagen and Berlin. Time is always a constraint and, should we decide to spend more days visiting cities or expand the ride to other areas in Denmark, this itinerary would allow to cut the four stages in between Greifswald and Berlin by catching a train instead.

The route is currently being refined for GPS use, including various points of interest and a collection of potential overnight accommodation facilities.
We received positive and welcoming response from great friends-to-be-made through the CouchSurfing community. We can't wait to meet them to share views and certainly a good time, a peerless enriching experience to enhance our fascinating on-the-road freewheeling adventure.

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